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13-02-2008 On 16-19th of May 2008 we will hold our 2nd scientific conference and workshop on Unified Theories in Budapest. (The Hall of the MGYOSZ (Conference Room 702.) The program of the conference, carrying on the concept of our previous conferences embraces three aims: a) take a step forward in the development of the unified theories, metaphilosophies; b) create a substantive dialogue between the presenters and the co-presenters, instead of having self sufficient presentations not even building on one another c) establish a unified theories international association by the end of the conference, and begin to take action.
Main topics of the conference are: 1. Unified theory of physics (The continuation of the elaboration of unified theory of physics that has been planned since long) 2. Unified natural science and theory of consciousness (Re-thinking the unified theory of physics linking it with the unified natural sciences and the theory of consciousness) 3. Unified life- and human theory (Delineating the Unified theory of life and human existence built upon the unified theory of nature.) 4. Unified religion- and scientific theory (The continuation of the elaboration of the unified theory of religion and science.); 5. Unified metatheory and metaphilosophy (Metaphilosophy: building the collective theory of philosophies, sciences, religions and arts.)
The big keynote speakers of the conference: F. Alan Wolf (USA), Amit Goswami (India-USA), John Hagelin (USA).
For more about the conference please look at the following website: >>>

15-18-11-2006 under the auspices of the Institute for Strategic Research, the Hungarian Cultural Foundation and the Third Millennium Foundation an international scientific conference will be held with the title: Unified Theories.

05-06-2006 The Institute for Strategic Research has signed a cooperation agreement with the István Széchenyi Institute for Strategic Research (Tóthfalu/Totovo Selo, Vojvodina, Serbia). As a part of the future collaboration, the two institutes will pursue a joint research on the field of metatheory. Dr. Sándor Hódi, the chairman of the institute in Vojvodina, will participate in the formulation of a new psychological theory.

02-06-2006 An exclusive scientific consultation was held in the Institute for Strategic Research about the theory and methodology of CrossSensor, a new, isntrument in business innovation and developement. The technology was presented by the invited guest Imi Markos (Creapreneur AB, Stockholm, Sweden).

30-05-2006 Csaba Varga have participated in the conference titled "Intellectual Capital of Cities" organised by eStudent (Croatia) in Dubrovnik (Ragusa) together with Leif Edvinsson, professor of Lund University (Sweden), the leader of the conference. Csaba Varga delivered a lecture about the role and relationship between intellectual capital - knowledge capital - consciousness capital, knowledge cities and social consciousness.
Download the presentation in pps... >>>

23-05-2006 The Metatheory-Metaphilosophy Research Group begins the edition of its new book, the Sphere Book. More than fifty researchers have been
invited to contribute to this volume.

A scientific conference was held on 3rd February, 2006 to present the Hungarian edition of the book "Metatheory, Metaphilosophy" with the participation of several well-known scientists from Hungary and abroad.

16-11-2005 THE LATEST CHAPTERS OF PHYSICS Conference in Budapest Three research groups of the ISR held a conference in Budapest in 15-16 November. The the topics to be disputed were: 1. Where Science Comes to an End, 2. Optical Physics (Quantum Computers, Dynamic Holography), 3. QTD (Quantum Time Dynamics), 4. Physics of Mind.

01-11-2005 Metatheory, Metaphilosophy - Swedish translation
Due to the argument between ISR and the possible publisher, the translating of the book titled “Metatheory, Metaphilosophy” to Swedish has begun. The book will probably be published by March, 2006.

24-10-2005 METAELMÉLET, METAFILOZÓFIA (Metatheory, Metaphilosophy)
The new volume of the Metatheory Books Series published by ISR has been issued in Hungarian and can be ordered from the Institute. The volume consists of studies of seventeen Hungarian scholars coming from different scientific fields, who attempt the joint formulation of a comprehensive metatheory together.

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